is set in 1643 in
where the Dutch
have founded a prosperous colony: New-Netherlands.

The story describes the travails of young Peye from Amsterdam who is heading to the island of Manhatan to sort out issues with his father who lives there.

A shipwreck throws Peye on a lonely beach, where he is rescued by Waupatukway, an Indian girl.

Manuel, a black slave on the run, joins the duo as their adventures led them to the cruel governor Willem Kieft, who has a serious grudge against Indians.

The two boys find themselves in a situation where they would have to rescue Waupatukway from the gallows. Do Peye and Manuel succeed?


Journalist and writer, Rob Ruggenberg is known for his adventure novels set in history. Manhatan falls back in time right from the spelling of the title that uses a single t.